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I haven't posted in a while, and now I'm doing it to bitch and moan. I'll come up with a more positive post for next time. Today, though... well, today has sucked, and I've only been awake for six hours.

I was already kind of feeling sorry for myself because I'm not going to Gallifrey this weekend. I thought I would cheer myself up by going shopping today. So I had been planning all week to go out this morning for a special sale that began today at my favorite store. I woke up early (for me, that's before 9) and looked out the window to see that it was snowing like crazy. Snowing, for the third day in a row. Thanks for that. Really, I appreciate it.

Next, I went to let the dog out of his indoor kennel (a large crate) so that he could go outside. Sequence of events:
1-I knelt down beside the kennel.
2-I opened the kennel door.
3-The dog stepped out onto the carpet.
4-The dog peed on the carpet.
5-I yelled: "NOOOOO!"
6-The dog turned his head and bit me in the arm.
7-I yelled: "NOOOOO!" again.
8-The dog finished peeing on the carpet.
9-I lost all of my authority. Wait. That was probably the first step.

At that point, I could have cheerfully killed the little bastard. He is a small and old dog with teeth to match, but he scratched my arm, left a big bruise, and drew a little blood. And I hadn't even touched him, just yelled at him. BTW, it's not as if he tries to hold it all night and was bursting with need when I let him out this morning. No, he soaks his kennel every single night without fail. I don't really care about him doing that, because it's a kennel and it's fairly easy to clean. But peeing on the carpet and then biting me? Son of a bitch!

So the dog went back in the kennel, and I went outside to shovel, mostly to keep myself from strangling him out of sheer anger. It so happens that he bit me on the same arm that I injured last weekend. Naturally, because I'm right handed, it's my right arm. I somehow strained something in the elbow/wrist area, and it hurts to pick up anything that weighs more than a few ounces. It also hurts to open bottles, put on clothing, or, you know, SHOVEL SNOW. I cleared the sidewalk anyway, for the fifth time in three days.

Then I got my things together and walked to the bus stop with the intention of going shopping. Fifteen minutes later, after freezing my ass off, with a nasty wind whipping at me and the bus more than ten minutes late and visibility sucky, I gave up and limped back home. I cleaned the carpet, shoveled some more, and let the dog out of his kennel again. AND HE PEED ON THE CARPET IMMEDIATELY. AGAIN. IN A DIFFERENT PLACE.


At least he didn't bite me that time. But still: son of a bitch!

I cleaned another section of carpet. I also eventually went out to shovel the sidewalk for the sixth time in three days, because another three inches of snow had fallen. And I looked at the snowy driveway, which has a good six inches of crap on it, and I made a narrow path from the house down to the street a hundred feet away, and then I quit. I really, truly quit. I am not shoveling the rest of the driveway. No vehicles use it anyway. My arm hurts, and it's too much work. I am completely over winter. Snow is disgusting, and I despise it.

Current status
Dog: in kennel for foreseeable future
Me: nursing sore arm and bitching on LJ

And how are you all doing today?
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