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Apr. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Poor Jack had an exciting day on Thursday, by our standards. Remember how I said he had runny eyes and a runny nose on Wednesday, and was supposed to be neutered and have shots on Thursday. Well....

Since I don't have a car, I put Jack in his carrier and called a taxi to go to the animal shelter. I was supposed to drop him off in the morning and then come back in the evening after he'd been neutered and gotten his shots. Other people were also bringing in their animals for the work. So I went inside and said I was told to get my guy looked at because he might be sick. Turned out he was running a temperature and could not get the work done. They rescheduled him for five weeks away, and no, I did not have to pay again. I liked the part where a shelter employee was about to turn on a loud machine, then looked at Jack first and asked if he would get upset. He barely blinked when she powered it up.

I got a taxi home from the shelter, called a vet and got an appointment for later that morning, rode my bike out to the bank to get money because I was out of cash to pay for the next taxi rides, returned home, called another taxi to get to the vet, reached the vet. He was a nice older man who examined Jack, said he had a bug, and asked if I thought I could get him to swallow pills, not hidden in food. Not so much, I replied. So he got out a needle. Jack screamed in pain when he was injected, and grabbed my hand in his teeth. He didn't bite down, though. Didn't leave a mark on me. He's so sweet and gentle.

Here's the best part: The shelter people had examined Jack and said he was not yet neutered. The vet said he WAS neutered (or possibly has undescended testicles). Okay, so which is it? I'm trying to contact his former owner to see what she says. Meanwhile, Jack has to be kept away from other animals until he has his rabies shot, which as I said is in five weeks. If I cancel that appointment, I don't get a refund and have to pay to take him elsewhere for the shot. I can't legally register him with the city until he has his rabies shot, and the registration deadline for this year has passed (not really a big deal, I just have to pay a late fee). If I can prove he's neutered, I'll get a discount when I finally get him registered. If I can't prove it, I pay more for the registration.

At least he's feeling better now. No more runny eyes or nose trouble.
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