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I felt like saying the topic line to the people at the animal shelter, but somehow restrained myself. I think I'm a little proud of that.

Quick recap: The manager of the animal shelter--yes, the woman who supposedly runs the place and thus could be expected to be somewhat competent, one would think--is the one who told me that my cat Jack had not been neutered. So I paid for a "nonrefundable" neutering and rabies shot. On that day, Jack was examined by two more shelter employees and was judged to be sick, thus couldn't be done and was rescheduled for next month. The vet I then took him to for his illness casually mentioned that Jack was already neutered. (I had owned him for mere days at this point and hadn't personally checked him.)

Since that point, I have phoned the shelter and explained their incompetence to them using less rude wording. I also waited until Jack got over being sick, took him back to the one competent person I had so far spoken with (the vet), got his rabies shot, had the vet note the neutering on formal paperwork, and then returned to the shelter with the paperwork, explained the whole mess to yet another employee, and was told that I should get a refund for the "nonrefundable" and totally unnecessary neutering "probably in a few weeks."

I'm not counting the money before it's back in my account, let me put it that way.

Cute story to offset the annoyingness! I put Jack in the carrier for the vet visit. In the waiting room, he kept meowing at me to let him out and I had to keep saying no. Once we got in the examination room, I opened the carrier door. Jack stepped out, and the vet grabbed him and gave him the rabies shot. The second he let go, Jack turned and walked right back in the carrier with no urging. I bet he wished he hadn't come out in the first place! But he is all set for a while now, so that's good.
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