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Everyone knows about this chance to develop a Fifth Doctor & Nyssa audio story, right? Who all is submitting something? I decided I might as well give it a try. Of course, first I have to come up with a good idea and then flesh it out, revise, proofread, and all of that.

I already printed out and read the instructions, which seem very straightforward: don't do this, format like this, etc. As long as I follow directions, I figure my submission won't land in the bin on the first round. If I use spellcheck and proofread, it should make it past the second round as well. Other than that, well, I think I'd better start brainstorming and come up with a great concept.

Also, in reading the BF boards, I'm a bit amazed that people are having so much trouble holding their summaries to five hundred words. That's the length of a decent ficlet!

TV meme

Jan. 19th, 2010 11:27 pm
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I'm still sick. I have been mildly ill since New Year's Eve, and it's really starting to piss me off. I did a meme to make myself feel less annoyed. Taken from [ profile] bewarethespork.

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My procrastinating ways have caught up with me, and the fact that I've had an energy-sapping cold since New Year's Eve has not helped. So far, I've posted several drabbles/ficlets for [ profile] fandom_stocking but am not nearly done. Depending on time of reveal, I almost certainly will have to post a few people's fics a little late. I'm enjoying writing them, though, :)

In other news, the chances of my attending Gallifrey in February now appear to be rather slim. I don't know that it's financially feasible, plus I'd have to make special arrangements about the house (due to winter weather and the necessity of the sidewalks being shovelled if it snows). My next thought was making it to New York TARDIS in May, except so few details about the con are available. Mainly, there's the fact that they haven't yet announced a specific location (hotel) and I like to plan ahead. Way ahead. I have to work out the bus schedule that will get me to the Milwaukee airport on time to get the necessary flight to New York and then figure out how to travel to the hotel. Well, I'm keeping the possibility of going there open.

On the bright side, I already paid for my membership to November's Chicago TARDIS. I know I can get there reasonably easily.
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Since my RL friends either don't know New Who exists or don't care for it, I watched "End of Time, part 2" with my foster dog. I thought it was loads better than part 1; the dog liked the first half of the episode.

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You're kidding, right? Snow is DISGUSTING. I paced my driveway, and by my estimate it's about a hundred feet long, twenty wide. That's not counting the sidewalk, either. If you had to try to clear all of that pavement every time it snowed, you'd probably dread the sight of that crap too. Though, tbh, I decided to let one side of the driveway go hang, and just clear the other side enough so one vehicle can get up and down it. Therefore, the area I have to shovel is a hundred feet long by around eleven wide, plus the sidewalk and porch.

And it's still only December. :(
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Follow-up post! If anyone wants a holiday card from me and didn't yet say so, there's still plenty of time. My original post is here. (I'm in the US; will send to anywhere in the world.) I didn't totally design my own cards, but I found a template I liked and modified it a bit so that everyone will get a specialized card. Also, I can easily make more. I won't be mailing them until the middle of next week or a little later.
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I caved and signed up at [ profile] fandom_stocking. My stocking is here. I'm going to try to come up with something for as many other stockings as possible. Don't expect art from me (I like to receive it but am fairly hopeless at creating it), but fic is a good possibility.
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I'm thinking about trying to go to Gallifrey in February. Someone tell me I'm insane.
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Anyone want a holiday card from me? Leave your address in a reply to this post (comments are screened). I think I'm going to try to design my own cards this year rather than going with store-bought. We will see how well that goes. ;)

If you would like to send me a card, my address is in this flocked post.

Also, I'm way behind on LJ due to family drama/Chicago TARDIS so if you've posted a holiday wishlist I probably have not seen it. Link me!
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Friday recap
Saturday recap

This day was less packed than the previous two, since programming ran from just 10am to 6pm.

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Friday recap

Again, programming kicked off at 10am.

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I'd never been to a con before, but I thought this one had the right location and good timing. I live only a few hundred miles away (as it turned out, roughly eight hours by public transportation, due to a few transfers) and was more than fine with not spending Thanksgiving with family.

So I bought a reserved membership, which is like the second tier available. It gave me an assigned seat near the front of the "main programming" room and a good spot in the autograph/photo lines. I totally did the newbie thing and attended just about as many panels/sessions as I could cram into each day.

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I got a ride straight to the hotel, so am here a few hours earlier than I had planned if making my own way. That's fine. I get to unwind from the last few stressful days.

The hotel is very nice. My room is on the ninth floor. There's free wireless in the lobby, where I currently am on my iPod Touch. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll do Black Friday shopping next door at Target before the con kicks off for the day.
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New series that are dead: Eastwick, Hank, Trauma. Trauma will most likely air the remainder of its thirteen episodes. Not so sure about Eastwick, and Hank is shutting down production after wrapping up just its tenth episode.

The only returning show that's been dumped so far is Dollhouse, which apparently will burn off its remaining episodes in December and January. ETA: Fox obviously wants to get rid of this one fast. It's doubling up on December episodes to help bump it out of the way before February sweeps.

Well, I'll miss Eastwick a bit. Based on the ratings, though, they all deserved to go. When reruns of other shows do 50% better in your timeslot (Dollhouse) and you lose nearly half of your audience from your debut (Eastwick), cancellation seems merciful.


Nov. 7th, 2009 06:46 pm
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*points to icon* For a horse-racing fan, I don't think it gets any better than today's Breeders' Cup Classic.
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I love the mad rush of shows during the fall TV season: returning favorites, a bunch of stuff I don't care about and will never watch, and a slew of new series.

Every fall, I watch all of the new broadcast TV dramas (I usually don't watch comedies), and every fall, I pick the worst one. Last year, my choice was the extremely dull Crusoe. It even had pirates in the first episode, and managed to make them boring. The worst show of the entire season, though, was midseason replacement Dollhouse, which bored and offended me with its rampant and disgusting sexism. The only thing that makes me feel better is looking at its weekly Nielsen ratings, which redefine the term "crash and burn."

Anyway, I have now seen all of the new fall dramas, save V, which premieres on Nov. 3. The extended preview for that one looks good. And it would have to work awfully hard to be worse than the series I consider to be the worst new one of this season:
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I just went and saved all the remaining material from my ancient main Geocities site. Tedious? Yeah. And now my laptop is crammed with disorganized documents and photos. On the positive side, I saved everything of any importance. I deleted all of the "borderline" material, figuring if I haven't done anything with so far, I probably never will. I do have another Geocities site that I... just realized I can't ignore, because there really is stuff there that I kind of need. Saving all of that is going to be painful.

BTW, Geocities closes for good on October 26. Just in case anyone else has stuff over there that they don't want to lose.
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I'm currently checking out the TW friending meme at [ profile] torch_wood. How sad is it that the first thing I do upon seeing an unfamiliar name is check to make sure that person is not a member of AGA? Membership at that comm is the one sure deal-breaker for me. Luckily, it looks like almost everyone participating in the meme so far is reasonably sane.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] finmagik!


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