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I posted my review of this audio over at [ profile] hex_rated, if anyone wants to look at it.
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I don't think this is really spoilery. The few specific things I mention are basic plot points that are revealed pretty early on.

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Big Finish

Dec. 18th, 2008 04:07 pm
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Well, I've listened to almost all of the batch of audios I bought at auction a couple years ago, so I finally went and got a Big Finish subscription. Main Doctor Who line, six months, starting with the January release. I went for the CDs rather than just the downloads, although of course if you buy the CDs, you automatically get the downloads as well.

I was a little hesitant, since the Jan., Feb., and March releases are all "Key 2 Time" stories. I mean: Key 2 Time? I feel like I'm looking at a badfic title written by someone too lazy to type out to (or, worse, not knowing whether to use two, too, or to and copping out). Who came up with that one? You almost scared me off. Surely someone could have thought of a better way to differentiate these audios from the original Key to Time serials.

The presence of a new companion did not help, either. Plus, if I hate this Key 2 Time thing, my first three purchases are kind of wasted. I almost started the subscription in April instead, because at least I know I like the team of Seven/Ace/Hex, except I don't want to wait that long.

I'm just going to hope the Key 2 Time stories are good. Maybe I'll end up liking Amy as much as I do Charley, Erimem, and most of the other companions.

Speaking of Erimem: ficathon! I'm not really going to think about signing up until after Christmas, but then it's a possibility. Signups are open until January 7. Participants don't necessarily have to write Erimem, either. Other Big Finish characters are options.
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I'm just slightly obsessed with Big Finish productions, and I recently listened to Bang-Bang-a-Boom! for the third time. It remains my favorite Seventh Doctor audio. The story has the Doctor and Mel entangled in events on a space station called Dark Space 8. It's cracky fun!

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