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I finally decided to post some of my old fanfic here on LJ. These are mostly the better or shorter stories. They're all either Angel (three stories), Buffy (five stories), or X-Files (one story). The fanfic entries are backdated two years because I didn't want to spam my flist.

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Old fic posting!

TITLE: Buffy vs. the Soul
SPOILERS: major ones for first two episodes of S7 ("Lessons" and "Beneath You") and Living Conditions, Enemies, Halloween. Also spoils the "Angel" S3 finale ("Tomorrow").
SUMMARY: Buffy/Spike. Picks up from the end of "Beneath You." Buffy realizes she wants the "old" Spike back. The soulless Spike, that is.
DISCLAIMER: "Buffy" and "Angel" characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. Anyway, they're not mine.
Takes place *before* the "Angel" S4 premiere.

Response to a challenge on the We Band of Buggered website.

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Another "Buffy" story from years ago.

TITLE: Doubts
SUMMARY: Drabble. S2. Buffy has second thoughts about Angel.
DISCLAIMER: "Buffy" and "Angel" characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc.
NOTE: Inspired by the scene in "What's My Line, Part One" where Angel does indeed do the very thing described in this story.

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Another of my old "Buffy" stories.

TITLE: Don't Try This At Home
SUMMARY: A parody. Willow screws up a spell, causing past characters (including Angel/us) to visit; Buffy abuses Spike, receives shocking news, and must choose between Angel and Spike.
DISCLAIMER: "Buffy" and "Angel" characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. Also, I did not write "Love Can Move Mountains," though I wouldn't admit to it even if I had.
NOTES: Set in early season 6, roughly. Giles is still in town; Tara's alive; Buffy's back from the dead.
Thanks to Sky for beta reading.
For WhiteLine: one resolve face, and an evil, bloodsucking fiend. ;)

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This is a "Buffy" story I wrote several years ago. I'm posting it in my LJ so I have a copy of it here.

TITLE: Buffy + Spike Forever!!!
FEEDBACK: welcome, but if you tell me I should have used my spellchecker, I will be very disappointed in you. ;)
SUMMARY: Parody of those stories where Spike comes back after "Grave" and Buffy immediately falls into his arms. DELIBERATELY BAD.
NOTES: In less than a week, I have already read one too many "Grave" followups in which Spike and Buffy make up practically the minute he returns, and of course live happily ever after. I can't imagine suffering through a whole summer of those things, but I know I will. So I wrote this little piece to vent a bit.
It is meant to be awful.

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Here's my contribution to the Buffy Badfic Mockathon. I hope the formatting comes out right; I'm still getting used to LJ.

This story is for phendog, who wanted Stuttering!Giles, Bitchy!Buffy, and Silly!Xander. Plot request was: Willow casts a spell and two of the main characters who weren't together in canon end up sleeping together (can be because the spell actually makes them, or because the spell does something entirely unrelated that leads to that) and have to deal with the consequences. Pet peeve was: Completely ignoring canon/messing w/canon order. For example: Dawn magically appearing in something set before season 5, Ignoring that Buffy lost her virginity to Angel, Spike having a soul in season get the idea.

Go ahead and keep my name on it. It's meant to suck, so I'm not ashamed of it.

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