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My procrastinating ways have caught up with me, and the fact that I've had an energy-sapping cold since New Year's Eve has not helped. So far, I've posted several drabbles/ficlets for [ profile] fandom_stocking but am not nearly done. Depending on time of reveal, I almost certainly will have to post a few people's fics a little late. I'm enjoying writing them, though, :)

In other news, the chances of my attending Gallifrey in February now appear to be rather slim. I don't know that it's financially feasible, plus I'd have to make special arrangements about the house (due to winter weather and the necessity of the sidewalks being shovelled if it snows). My next thought was making it to New York TARDIS in May, except so few details about the con are available. Mainly, there's the fact that they haven't yet announced a specific location (hotel) and I like to plan ahead. Way ahead. I have to work out the bus schedule that will get me to the Milwaukee airport on time to get the necessary flight to New York and then figure out how to travel to the hotel. Well, I'm keeping the possibility of going there open.

On the bright side, I already paid for my membership to November's Chicago TARDIS. I know I can get there reasonably easily.
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For those of you who don't know, the DW/Torchwood/SJA Cliche-swap Ficathon is now open. Basically, each author takes a cliche that applies to one pairing and writes a fic where the cliche is applied to a different pairing. Oh, just click the link and read the description over there; it really does make sense.

At any rate, this has to be the greatest ficathon ever, because it's totally cracked. I appreciate crackiness. I also appreciate cliches, and have (deliberately) written clichefic. One of my earlier efforts was an X-Files story wherein Skinner forced Mulder and Scully to attend the annual FBI ball together, after which they met on a blind date, confessed their true feelings, and immediately began calling each other by their first names. Then there was my Buffy fic where, upon Spike's return from Africa, he and Buffy promptly reconciled and lived happily ever after.

Anyway, I'm going to sign up for this ficathon. I haven't done it yet because I'm still mapping out my plan of attack, and signups don't close until next week.

My main point is, the premise of the ficathon got me to thinking about fanfic cliches. Then all that thinking led me to make up a bit of a list for various pairings.

Five/Tegan: The REAL reason Tegan left the Doctor is that she was pregnant. )


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