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Torchwood story that I liked! Recruitment, by Sphinxey. Crackfic set after Day One of Children of Earth. I wish more people would write CoE crack. I've seen boatloads of angst, but not much humor.
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I doubt more than a handful of people on my flist watch this show, but what the hell. I've been hunting for good fanfic and not finding much. So far, I have exactly one rec: Time Clock of the Heart, by [ profile] yahtzee63, a lovely Denny-centric story set late in the second season.

GA apparently does not have a large central archive, aside from Yeah, I went there. I wasn't expecting much and therefore was not disappointed. I also found an LJ comm that's fairly active, but a bit difficult to wade through.

If anyone has goodfic recs or suggestions on where to find any, please LMK. So far, I've located the following recs lists that I'm still checking out:
Grey's Anatomy Fic Recs (LJ comm)
Grey's Anatomy Slash Fic Recs (all Alex/George)
Littlemisslikes's recs
Mammothluv's Recs
Mrsfjl66's Recs
Quality Grey's Anatomy Fanfic
Rec50 (LJ comm)
Skye3's Recs (all Meredith/Derek, I think, except for some RPF)
Thinkatory's recs
TWoP Forum Recs
Uk_girl_recs (recs for various fandoms)
Vicious Wishes' Recs

I'll look at anything, except I have a deep hatred for RPF. Favorite characters include Izzie, Bailey, Meredith, Denny, and Alex; would especially love anything centering around one or more of them, but I'd also be happy with quality fic about other characters. Shipfic, gen, whatever.
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Here are a couple of recent stories that I liked a lot.

A List of the Lost, by [ profile] aralias (3700 words, G)
Summary: The fifth Doctor has a multitude of companions, but is rarely alone with any of them. Here we have five times he was, each time after losing someone else.

Automatic bonus for being a Fifth Doctor story! Also, this fic has nice characterization of Peri, Turlough, Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan. Probably my favorite part is the one with Nyssa, but each section is very good.

Only Biography, by sahiya (5400 words, All Ages)
Summary: Biographies were the Doctor's favorite literary form. (Crossover with Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosiverse)

Here's a crossover that works really well. I liked the way the Tenth Doctor decided to collect a new companion and how he set about doing so. This story is part of a series. I haven't yet read the rest, but I want to.
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I just validated this one: Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Happy Who-loween. It's a cracked-out Handy & Rose fic that made me laugh a lot. As long as you don't take the pairing too seriously, you might enjoy it, too.

Rose set her briefcase on the hall table and poked her head into the lounge. She groaned at the sight that greeted her. The Doctor sat on the floor surrounded by bits of machinery and piles of scribbled-on paper. He was wearing an oil-stained t-shirt that read “Every time you call tech support, a kitten dies” and a pair of well worn sweat pants. In one hand he held a piece of metal with wires pointing out in all directions from it, and in the other hand he held the sonic screwdriver he had made a few months before. Rose bristled when she thought about how the Doctor had dismantled both the refrigerator and her CD player in order to make the device. She watched as he pointed the sonic at the metal and wires and pushed a button. The sonic buzzed and Rose flinched. She hated that noise.
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A while back, I said I'd post recs of some of the better stories I've seen while working the Teaspoon queue. My intentions were good; my record-keeping, not so much. Still, I have come up with a handful of recs tonight. A couple of these stories passed through the queue while I was in it, and I caught the others while browsing for anything I missed. BTW, I count the Eighth Doctor era as part of Classic Who. Close enough!

Click here to see the recs! )

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Every so often, I find a reason to say something nice about

In this case, the reason is a story about Kamelion that's posted there. Maybe he really is the worst companion ever, but he still deserves fanfic! Borrowed Time is one of the rarest of creatures: an excellent Kamelion-centric story.

I wonder how many people will actually go over and look at it, much less leave a review (hint, the author allows anonymous comments; I just left one), but I'm putting it out there because I think it deserves a mention. Even if mine is the only new review the author gets. Go on, now; give it a try. Even if you hate Kamelion, you might like the story.
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Today, instead of complaining about yet another horrible character-bashing story or a fic with terrible grammar, I come bearing a fanfic recommendation. I'd happily rec this one over at [ profile] calufrax, only it isn't posted on Teaspoon.

The fic is [ profile] reina_isabella's Stories, it was posted more than a year ago, and I almost skipped right past it because I thought it was yet another Tenth Doctor story and some days, I just am Tenned out. Well, Stories is a Jamie-centric tale. Naturally, then, I had to read it. The bonus: It turned out to be brilliant.

So, what happened to Jamie after The War Games? Here, he went home, had a family, and grew old. Possibly also insane, many relatives and acquaintances think. Of course, readers know differently.

Either of two particular endings to this fic would have felt right to me. I won't ruin things by saying which one was used, though. Just go read Stories and find out for yourself.

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I signed up to cover Torchwood at [ profile] rec50. I previously had claimed Doctor Who, general fandom, for two rounds quite some time apart. I got up to the full 50 recs the first time, then just 14 on my second try. I think I can make it to 50 for TW on this first try.

Prompts table under here. )


Feb. 13th, 2008 11:51 pm
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I'm doing Doctor Who recs again for [ profile] rec50. I participated back in August 2006 (my old recs table is over here) and I'm giving it a go again. New table is under the cut. I doubt I'll make it to 50 recommendations this time, but we'll see.

Table under here. )
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I decided to try to get more organized. I recently did a week's worth of fic recommendations at [ profile] calufrax (the rec comm for stories posted at Teaspoon) and below are my picks.

Go over to Calufrax to read my comments on each story, and also to see all the great recs made by other people.

List under here )
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To go with my list of 50 recs posted last week, here are 52 more.

Inside. )
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Here are 50 multi-era Doctor Who fanfic recommendations, which I compiled using the prompts table from [ profile] rec50.

(I added another recs list here, if anyone wants to check it out.)

Recs inside. )
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Just signed up to do Doctor Who fanfic recommendations for [ profile] rec50. My table of prompts is inside the cut.

Table inside. )


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