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It recently came to my attention that a certain comm is running an anti-Gwen contest. You all know who Gwen is, right? From Torchwood? The worst character on TV? Yeah, that Gwen, the one no one likes.

So, contestants can submit wallpapers, icons, fanfic, banners, etc. And, the bit that made my ears prick up, there's a prize, a lofty offering of six months' paid LJ account time to the winner.

Well, thought I, my graphics abilities are limited (read: craptastic), but certainly I can vomit up throw together carefully craft in the space of ten whole minutes an appropriately shitty Gwen-bashing fanfic entry guaranteed to be totally OOC and thus pleasing to the Gwen haters in question. I have a hard time imagining that anyone else will produce anything more "interesting" in any way, so I believe this contest is over. No need to wait for the deadline; gimme my prize now, dammit!

Title: The Gwen Bashers
Author: [ profile] ghost2
Rating: PG-13 for language and the presence of Gwen
Word count: 835 words of senseless and stupid Gwen hatred
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, and last and least, Gwen
Summary: Gwen gets what she's deserved for a long time.
Beta reader: I am randomly informing the world that I didn't use one.
A/N: I wrote this story in ten minutes, bet you can't tell!
I killed two birds with one stone. Not only is this story an entry in the ----------- comm contest, I used an unfilled prompt from the Gwenbash table: murder.
And now I present: The Gwen Bashers!

Gwen sucks and everyone hates her, blah, blah, blah )

Wow, that was kind of cathartic. Now I feel motivated to work on The Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Own TARDIS (Handy's attempts to escape an earthbound existence).


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