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I haven't posted in a while, and now I'm doing it to bitch and moan. I'll come up with a more positive post for next time. Today, though... well, today has sucked, and I've only been awake for six hours.

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You're kidding, right? Snow is DISGUSTING. I paced my driveway, and by my estimate it's about a hundred feet long, twenty wide. That's not counting the sidewalk, either. If you had to try to clear all of that pavement every time it snowed, you'd probably dread the sight of that crap too. Though, tbh, I decided to let one side of the driveway go hang, and just clear the other side enough so one vehicle can get up and down it. Therefore, the area I have to shovel is a hundred feet long by around eleven wide, plus the sidewalk and porch.

And it's still only December. :(
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Well, 2009 got off to a rousing start when I slipped and fell on some ice on Jan. 1. I came out of it with just bruises all down my right leg (which I landed on) and a few days of stiffness, but it could have been a lot worse. Last year, a friend of a friend slipped on a sidewalk and broke her pelvis. Yesterday, an old man in this area fell, hit his head, and ended up dying.

Since the 1st, the weather has really turned. Currently the driveway and sidewalk are all over ice. I went out to get the newspaper yesterday, took one step on the pavement, and almost went flat on my face. Since then, to get to the mailbox and the newspaper box on the street, I've cut across the knee-high snow on the lawn, because at least I'm not going to kill myself walking on that stuff.

The street looks like this: and the driveway looks like this: . Two bigger and better pictures are inside the cut.

Parts of the driveway photo make it look merely wet. Oh, so misleading. It's pure ice out there. And yes, the driveway is long. Talk about a pain in the ass to shovel when it snows!

If you love snow and ice, you are welcome to ALL of mine! )
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Plain and simple, snow sucks. Anyone who likes it, do feel free to come over here and take some of mine. You are MORE than welcome to as much of the crap as you care to haul away. We have had record snowfall in my neck of the woods. I believe the previous snowfall record was set in 1929, and it is not a record that ever should have been broken.

So, I went out and shoveled the sidewalk today. We have a very long sidewalk. It felt like the shovel and snow combined weighed more than I do, but I slowly, slowly cleared the whole damn thing. I came inside after I finally finished, and then I looked out the window. And it was snowing AGAIN! WHY? WHY? WHY?

Depressing snow pictures under the cut. )

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I think I've mailed out everything I said I would. Holiday cards, postcards, packages. Yesterday I sent a package to Finland, one to Florida, one to Michigan, DVDs to North Carolina (I finally tried the Lightscribe function on my new computer, had some fun playing around with that). The last few holiday cards went out to anyone who replied to my earlier post. I even sent gifts to my mother and stepfather without waiting till the last minute.

The only people I have left to buy for live in town, so I have some time to figure out what to get them. I was most concerned with mailing stuff out in time, on a day when the weather was not quite as craptastic as usual since I had to walk all over outside yesterday. Good thing I didn't wait until today. Yesterday was a balmy 17 degrees (F)... that's about -8 C, right? Anyway, I believe this morning hit a spectacular new low, plus it snowed again. Was as slick as an ice rink on the driveway. I HATE WINTER WITH A BURNING PASSION.

However, I am cheered by the fact that I finished the most pressing of the holiday matters. I think I'll hibernate for the remainder of the weekend and brave the outdoors again on Monday.


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