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Anyone watch the premiere of Crusoe last night? No? Just me, then. My advice: Don't bother with this one. Really, a boring show. Next!

How about My Own Worst Enemy? No, I didn't like that one, either. It almost made Heroes seem coherent by comparison.

Better news: Sarah Connor Chronicles improved in ratings over the past couple of airings (and baseball, which replaced it last Monday, failed to do that much better in the demos) so it actually got a full season pickup. That's pretty much the opposite of what looked like happening just a few weeks ago, but they can't cancel everything. Fox is also having trouble on Wed., Thurs., and Fri.

Speaking of cancellation, I wish NBC would get rid of Kath & Kim. Given that it's supposedly a comedy, surely the pilot should have included at least one amusing line.

I do think that Eleventh Hour, Privileged, 90210, Life on Mars, Fringe, and The Mentalist are at least watchable. Still, overall this is a weak season for new shows.
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Viewing ER now, it can be hard to remember that there were whole seasons when the show was the best thing out there. I don't know if anyone on my flist is even still watching it. Last season was pretty rough (I thought a couple of episodes were virtually unwatchable) but the current year is confirmed to be the final one and I'm going to the end with it.

This post contains spoilers for the first two episodes of this season, as well as casting spoilers for future episodes, so the rest of it is under a cut.

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