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Writing about Doctor Who for pay...

Lately I've been checking out a freelance writing site, taking on the odd job there. Guess what popped up the other day? A job to write brief bios, to be posted on a website, about TV characters. Lots and lots of TV characters, including some from Doctor Who. The pay rate was so low that normally I wouldn't even have looked at the work, but come on! Me and writing about TV? Like I wasn't going to at least check it out.

And then I read a few of the bios that other writers put together for DW characters, and it was obvious they were not fans. The terminology was off and so was the occasional fact. The stuff was actually kind of painful to read. So, low pay or not, I started to grab up every DW assignment I saw. So far, the characters I've written up include some of my favorites such as Charley, Evelyn, Jamie, Ace, and Erimem.

I also couldn't resist putting together bios for various characters from other shows. I mean, Myrtle Fargate and Palmer Cortlandt from All My Children? Emily, Monica, Tracy, and Edward Quartermaine from General Hospital? Adam Carrington from Dynasty? I would have written about them for free on a soap fansite I used to run!

Despite the poor pay, the work is fun and that goes a long way with me. At least part of the time, I'd rather write about something I enjoy for not so much money than about something dry and boring for more money. Besides, the cash has added up and it easily covers the amount of income taxes I owe from last year.
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Oh wow! *is green*

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I hope these jobs keep popping up! I haven't seen any requests for Barbara, Turlough, Hex, or a slew of other characters yet. Either I missed them, or they just haven't been posted so far.
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Fingers are crossed they'll pop up!
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Hey, it's money, and you're performing a valuable public service. Sounds good to me!

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My thoughts exactly. I'll probably keep doing some of these bios every day for as long as they're available.

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Getting paid for one's fandom sounds irresistible. ;-)

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It really is fun. The more of these things I write, the more I enjoy it. If only they paid better, I'd really be doing a ton. As it is, I've just been picking the ones that most appeal to me, like anything in the DW fandom. The money I earn will partially go toward my next con.

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So are any published yet? I want to read some of these bios!

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I'm not sure when they're going to be posted, but I've been paid within 24 hours of each submission. Maybe they're waiting until all of the work is done to put it up.