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This post is an experiment to see if I correctly set up cross-posting from Dreamwidth. No, I'm not moving over there exclusively. I'm too cheap to pony up for two paid accounts, and LJ is much more useful to me at the present time. OTOH, I decided I might as well start using DW and following a reading list there. If anyone wants to add me, my profile is here.

ETA: Huh. The DW importing didn't totally work. It pulled over only one of my icons. I'm feeling too lazy to manually add more, so get used to seeing my default Garfield icon on posts. ;)
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Parenthood has been picked up for a second season, which I like because the show has really grown on me. Also, Southland was just picked up for a third season.

The old news, which I forgot to post about at the time, is that 24 is ending after this season. Finally, looks like Legend of the Seeker really is done. Several weeks ago there was an announcement that the Tribune markets were dropping it from syndication. Realistically, that sort of news usually means "as good as cancelled," because finding replacements for those stations is tough. And in this case, it couldn't be done. There are tons of reports out there that the show is finished after it gets through its current second season: here.
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I felt like saying the topic line to the people at the animal shelter, but somehow restrained myself. I think I'm a little proud of that.

With a little luck, the end of the story. I hope. )
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I recently bought this product called "Miracle Crystal Soil, Nutrient and Moisture Balls for Plants" for two reasons. One is that I'm trying to grow some plants and thought it sounded interesting to use. The second reason is that an online product review said the instructions were hilarious. Boy, was the person who reported that correct!

Also, whoever had the idea of using microscopic black type on a dark blue package made a really bad move. Eyestrain, anyone?

Just to whet your appetites, here is the first line from the directions:
1. Affiliation clean water 1000ml to the Crystal mud soak 6-12 hours to filter the superfluous water.

Flora that chooses fitly living )
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?

According to these results, Jack probably has murderous intentions toward me. But I chose "good" answers for every question except the one about kneading (he does that sometimes) and the one about sleep patterns (he occasionally wakes me at night by coming into and out of my room but that's okay, I just go right back to sleep).

I gave him his own pillow. Why would he want to kill me? Unless maybe he wants the other pillows, too. Hmmm.

*uses dog icon as weak retaliation*
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Lately I've been checking out a freelance writing site, taking on the odd job there. Guess what popped up the other day? A job to write brief bios, to be posted on a website, about TV characters. Lots and lots of TV characters, including some from Doctor Who. The pay rate was so low that normally I wouldn't even have looked at the work, but come on! Me and writing about TV? Like I wasn't going to at least check it out.

And then I read a few of the bios that other writers put together for DW characters, and it was obvious they were not fans. The terminology was off and so was the occasional fact. The stuff was actually kind of painful to read. So, low pay or not, I started to grab up every DW assignment I saw. So far, the characters I've written up include some of my favorites such as Charley, Evelyn, Jamie, Ace, and Erimem.

I also couldn't resist putting together bios for various characters from other shows. I mean, Myrtle Fargate and Palmer Cortlandt from All My Children? Emily, Monica, Tracy, and Edward Quartermaine from General Hospital? Adam Carrington from Dynasty? I would have written about them for free on a soap fansite I used to run!

Despite the poor pay, the work is fun and that goes a long way with me. At least part of the time, I'd rather write about something I enjoy for not so much money than about something dry and boring for more money. Besides, the cash has added up and it easily covers the amount of income taxes I owe from last year.

Cat update

Apr. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Poor Jack had an exciting day on Thursday, by our standards. Remember how I said he had runny eyes and a runny nose on Wednesday, and was supposed to be neutered and have shots on Thursday. Well....

Good intentions, anyway. )
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Cat is lying on my back as I type. Am not quite sure how we got into this position but it has disabled the use of my left arm. Is like a demented game of Twister. Am typing hunt and peck with right hand only as have not the heart to displace him. Am v. weak.

Cat has runny eyes and nose today. Cat also has prepaid, nonrefundable shelter appointment tomorrow for shots/neutering. Bad timing. Since I was not sure if I should take him in under circumstances, I phoned and explained. They said bring him, will examine outdoors and decide if ok to bring inside.

Do you think cat planned symptoms as way to get out of appointment? He really is v. clever.
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Yes, I check the overnight Nielsen television ratings every day. It's just something I like to do.

So here is where we are now: Castle was just renewed. Zach Braff announced that Scrubs is done. This news has not been officially confirmed yet by ABC, but it already seemed pretty likely so I wouldn't hold out much hope.

Mercy, Chuck, and FlashForward have all crashed and burned with their most recent episodes. Mercy was never doing all that well but until recently, I thought it might squeak by. I kind of hoped it would, since it's grown on me. Now I think that rewnewal is highly unlikely. As for Chuck, it started out this season well enough and then struck out with its two latest episodes. Those numbers are like Heroes-level bad. Being fair, Chuck has got to be much cheaper to produce than Heroes is, but still. Not a positive sign. Finally, FlashForward started out nicely back in September and then lost about half of its audience by the time it went on hiatus. It came back from hiatus, and guess what? Two weeks of new record low numbers. Mercy and FlashForward are pretty likely going to be cancelled. I think Chuck is now in serious danger, too.

My favorite terrible show, Trauma, is still hanging in there, against all odds. It continues to be of absolutely awful quality and it continues to air episodes and they continue to draw very low numbers and yes, of course I watch the thing! Again, though, I believe I'll have to enjoy hating it while it lasts, which realistically should not be for much longer. OTOH, it's not absolutely impossible that NBC will continue the joke and renew it.

The overnight ratings for the return of V will be available tomorrow. This one has a fighting chance at a second season, but we'll soon see how much of the audience showed up. Then there's another new show, Parenthood, that falls into the "too early to say" category. I'm cautiously optimistic about its chances.
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Today I had to go in for a dental appointment. I had a root canal a year and a half ago, and I was finally ready to get a crown put on that tooth. The dentist said he likes to wait a year after the root canal to make sure the tooth has settled properly. I had the bite adjusted a year ago, so it was just now a year since then.

I had a filling done on another tooth along with getting the temporary crown, so all told today's appointment took about an hour and a half. The procedure wasn't all that awful. I mean, it was not my idea of a good time, but it wasn't as bad as I expected.

For the next three weeks, I have to wear the temporary crown while my permanent one is being constructed. I'm to avoid chewing on the right side of my mouth for three weeks. Oh, that will be enjoyable. The only thing I ate today was ice cream. Okay, so that part was fun. I love ice cream. I just can't live off of it for three weeks, unfortunately. I also hope the temporary crown stays on for the full period.

Try to avoid ever getting a root canal. Seriously. It's inconvenient and annoying.
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I have basically no idea of what this new health-care legislation really means, except that in a few years I will required to pay for health insurance (I don't currently have any) and will be fined if I don't. I haven't yet seen a straightforward explanation of its benefits.
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I finally found my camera and got Jack to pose for pictures.

Under the cut. )
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Quick aside: Jack the cat came out of hiding after about twelve hours. He's been following me all around the house since then. I never did figure out where he was while I couldn't find him, though. Also, I can't yet share cat pictures because I misplaced my camera, darn it.

The embarrassing Doctor Who moment is:
At ChicagoTARDIS, I bought a keychain that "speaks" six DW-related phrases when you push whichever button. Well, I was standing in line in a department store the other day, and I reached in my pocket for some money. While doing so, I accidentally bumped one of the buttons on the keychain. Out boomed a Cyberman voice: You will be deleted. Delete! Delete! Delete!

You should have seen the expression on the face of the woman standing in front of me. It kind of made the whole thing feel worthwhile.

And at least I didn't push the button that triggers this Dalek voice: You are an enemy of the Daleks! You must be destroyed!
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A couple days ago I was talking about what kind of pet I might get. Yesterday, I had a chance at both a dog and a cat. I left it up to fate. The dog turned out to be unavailable. The cat, who belonged to a woman who's moving out of state, was available.

So now I have a cat. He is big and orange/brown and very fluffy, and I would show pictures of him but he is currently hiding somewhere and I can't figure out where. His name is Jack. He was answering to it fine last night. This morning, no response.

He followed me all over the house yesterday and kept insisting that I pet him. Today, ha! I'd almost think I imagined him, except that his supplies are still here.

When he shows himself, I'll get him to pose for pictures.
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I no longer have a pet. My foster dog isn't here anymore, and the house seems pretty empty. Which it is! I could leave it that way, or I could find a new pet.

I've owned several dogs before and been around others, including my brother's wolf hybrid, so I'm definitely open to getting another one. OTOH, a cat might suit me very well, too. It would be my first cat. And of course, there are other options. Give me some opinions, please. (Multiple pets are possible, though I wouldn't want to go past two.)

[Poll #1536863]
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As usual, I've been following the Nielsen ratings for the major networks. Fringe was just officially renewed for next year--it did much better on Thursday than Past Life did in the same slot, which I think pushed it over the top. The first category below consists of series that have officially been picked up for next season. The next group is not yet official, but I can't imagine House, Desperate Housewives, and the like NOT returning. Then there's a doubtful group (with varying prospects), and last of all, the handful of shows I would be pretty surprised to see still on the air next fall, though they're not impossible. No reality shows listed, but the ones I care about (American Idol, Amazing Race, Survivor) are all safe.

Officially renewed: 90210, American Dad, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Brothers & Sisters (renewal reported by Hollywood Reporter on March 6), The Cleveland Show, Community, Cougar Town, Family Guy, Fringe, Glee, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Middle, Modern Family, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Office, Parks & Recreation, The Simpsons, Smallville, Supernatural, Two and a Half Men, Vampire Diaries

Shoo-ins: Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, House, Law & Order: SVU, The Mentalist, NCIS, Private Practice

Some doubt: 24, Accidentally on Purpose, Castle, Chuck, FlashForward, Gary Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Human Target, Law & Order, Lie to Me, Life Unexpected, Medium, Mercy, New Adventures of Old Christine, One Tree Hill, V
(Several of these shows will be cancelled. I just don't know which ones exactly. There is no way they all survive. At this point, I think Castle, Chuck, Ghost Whisperer, L&O, Medium are probably all safe. FlashForward and V will really depend on the ratings when they return from hiatus. There's been talk of a 24 movie rather than another season on TV, so... that one could go either way. I almost put Mercy in the "probably dead" category.)

Probably dead: Better Off Ted, Brothers, Cold Case, The Forgotten, Melrose Place, Numbers, Scrubs, Til Death, Trauma

ETA: Already cancelled or ending this year -- The Beautiful Life, The Deep End, Dollhouse, Eastwick, Hank, Lost, Past Life, Three Rivers, and (one of my favorites) Ugly Betty
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Finally, an update. I was going to post this batch back in November, which just shows how far behind I am. It's around 114 stories. With some luck, I'll update again later this month. Also, I keep forgetting to say this, but if anyone wants to add any of these links to lists that you maintain (like the ones I've seen for Five/Master, Hex, etc.), take them! I'd love to see more smaller specialized lists.

For [ profile] soniclipstick: List includes several Sarah Jane stories.

See also the kinkmeme at [ profile] sizeofthatthing, which has a ton of fic by various anons.

Under here. )
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I haven't posted in a while, and now I'm doing it to bitch and moan. I'll come up with a more positive post for next time. Today, though... well, today has sucked, and I've only been awake for six hours.

Of dog bites, snowstorms, and just plain annoying things. )
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The lure of actual paid writing work pulled me away from doing too much with my Big Finish pitch until, um, not so many hours ago. Yes, I went for the sure thing and spent large chunks of the last several days writing for money. The good thing is that I can spend the cash on a con later this year. The bad thing is that I got so sick of even thinking about writing, or looking at a computer screen for one more second, that I felt like screaming.

I did pull together a BF pitch and sample scene. I proofread it, with very tired eyes that I hope let no mistakes slip past. I converted the document into the required format. Finally, I think I mailed the thing in just before the deadline, which was 3 am local time. Ouch! And yes, it is cracky. Evil celery is involved.

That's it for me for tonight. I'm going to sleep in this morning!


Oh, damn. It's garbage day and I haven't taken the stupid bin outside yet. Or, indeed, put anything in it. I will get to sleep at some point. I don't know when, but I will.
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Most pilots don't get picked up anyway, so this is no big surprise. The sets for "Rex is Not Your Lawyer" (the dreadful-sounding David Tennant pilot) are coming down. Still, NBC has five extra hours to fill now that Jay Leno has moved back to late night, which would have seemed to improve Rex's chances; they must not have liked what they saw in it. Supposedly, this show is on hold but remains under consideration for the fall. Yeah, right. That's code for don't expect this one to ever make it onscreen. "On hold" has a similar meaning to "episode number has been reduced." It's now a longshot.

Speaking of which, the episode order for Numbers was reduced.

Renewed (new shows): The Good Wife, The Middle, Cougar Town, NCIS: Los Angeles, Glee, Modern Family.

Be especially concerned about: Ugly Betty, Cold Case, The Forgotten, Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Accidentally on Purpose, Trauma (which keeps getting picked up for additional episodes despite awful ratings), Mercy, Scrubs, Better Off Ted, Medium, Melrose Place, and of course, Numbers. FlashForward, Castle, and Heroes are also in doubt. Plus, Lie to Me and/or Fringe could be out. OTOH, both might barely survive.


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